Part I — Introduction

A reality check into how inventive enough we are to sustain the unforeseen modern-day challenges.

A long shot of windmills with range of mountains in the background
A photo by Matt Artz


The incredible era of innovations and unforeseen challenges

Gamification 101

Insights from gamification projects done for a product based tech startup ( combined with my learnings from 10+years of audio-visual storytelling experiences.

Cover image with GAMIFICATION 101 written on it. (A picture of human hand rolling some dies on the table)
Photograph by hidde schalm


There are people and organisations taking advantage of young people by promising ultimate success, wealth, or fame to them by glorifying failures as mandatory steps towards success. Such chronic positivity would trick the vulnerable into the vicious circle of pursuing unrealistically ambitious dreams forever. What is it, if it is not a scam?

Image Courtesy: Nadine Shaabana

An opinion essay

How to hire product designers wisely. (a beginner’s cheat sheet for understanding the contrasting competency areas within the field)

A visualisation of the four quadrants in an abstract form
Illustrated by Fazal Thanveer

Part III

The dual nature of THINKING and the untapped potential of the human brain.

Chapter 3 | The genesis of inventiveness

Systems Design

A step by step method which recommends the best possible destinations to boost the confidence of the user

The last thing the holiday seekers want is to get stuck at a place they can’t appreciate, and unable to find the activities of their taste.


5+3 Day design sprint for enhancing user experience.


Role: Sprint Facilitator/ Experience design strategist

Rendered in Maya for an animated short

Part II- Decoding Sustainability

Introducing the concept of ‘balance’ as a fundamental law of nature.

Photo by: Ash from Modern Afflatus

Chapter 2 | Decoding Sustainability

Dhaneesh Jameson

Experience Design Producer

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